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At FreelanceMyWay we have thousands of freelancers with a wide range of skills to meet your needs. We have freelance writers, programmers, app developers, graphic designers, logo designers, WordPress developers, Shopify developers, Data entry experts and many more.
Before anyone can join our community they must fill out a very lengthy and detailed application describing their past work history, job skills and why they feel they're a good fit for FreelanceMyWay.

Before you hire a freelancer for your job you can look at their past work experience and any ratings they might have from previous jobs.
At FreelanceMyWay we make the process of finding a freelancer simple. Simply post your job describing in detail your requirements. Once you finish the job brief and set your budget, you can post the job to our freelance community.

Freelancers with the skills that match your job posting will be notified and begin to place bids on your job. You can communicate with the freelancers during the bidding process to make sure they are a good fit for your project. Once you see a freelancer that meets your requirements you can select them for the job.

At this stage you can start working with your freelancer on your project. As the freelancers begins to deliver work, you can release milestone payments using our safe pay system.
To become a freelancer and join our community you will need to fill out an application describing your work history, your job skills and why you think you should be part of FreelanceMyWay. Once you submit your application our quality assurance team will review it and either accept or deny the application.
With the freelance economy still rapidly growing and evolving, the number of high-paying freelance jobs is steadily growing as well. Today, it is entirely possible to earn great money and pursue an excellent career in a number of freelancing fields. If you would like to earn a great living working from home as a freelancer, here are the top ten highest paying freelance jobs available.

1) SEO Specialist
SEO enables companies to get their website and their content in front of as many eyes as possible by improving their site’s ranking on Google and other search engines - and freelance SEO specialists who are able to optimize websites are in high demand. On average, freelance SEO specialists earn about $50 an hour.

2) Web Developer
With online competition growing increasingly fierce across all industries, more and more companies are looking to set themselves apart with a website that is unique and professionally designed. This means that more and more companies are choosing to shell out good money for talented web developers who can help them create a one-of-a-kind website. If you have the design and coding skills to create websites that look amazing and function flawlessly, you can make a great career working as a freelance web developer. On average, freelance web developers earn about $60 an hour.

3) Copywriter
For several years now, content marketing has remained one of the most effective ways to market products and services online for a wide range of reasons. As both search engines and customers alike have come to prioritize well-written content, more and more companies are looking to hire freelance copywriters that can produce engaging and compelling blog content, web pages, product descriptions, and more. On average, freelance copywriters earn about $47 per hour.

4) Graphic Designer
Graphic design plays an essential role in online marketing and traditional marketing alike. Whether a company is needing a design for their product’s label, graphics for their website, a logo, or anything in-between, they’ll often choose to work with a talented freelance graphic designer to get the job done. On average, freelance graphic designers earn about $23 per hour.

5) Legal Services Specialist
If you have the experience and credentials necessary to offer legal advice and services online, you can make excellent money as a freelance legal services specialist. In fact, freelance legal service specialists make, on average, an impressive $95 an hour.

6) 3D Modeler
If a company wants to begin producing a new part or product, they first need to create a 3D model of the part or product using computer-aided design (CAD) software. 3D modeling is one part graphic design and one part engineering, so you will need a specific skillset to pursue this career. On average, though, freelance 3D modelers make about $19 an hour.

7) Translator
Due to the fact that the global market is becoming increasingly connected, translation services are rapidly growing in demand. If you are fluent in more than one language, therefore, you have all of the skills necessary to pursue a well-paying career working as a freelance translator. On average, freelance translators make about $31 an hour.

8) Social Media Coordinator
Social media is the Wild West of online marketing. It’s a realm that offers plenty of potential for companies of all sizes, but it’s also one that is rapidly evolving and difficult to effectively navigate. Today, managing a company’s social media accounts is a task that requires a very specific set of knowledge and skills. If you are in-tune with all of the latest social media trends and have a background in social media marketing, you can make good money working from home as a social media coordinator. On average, social media coordinators earn about $25 per hour.

9) Marketing Consultant
While many companies choose to hire in-house marketing professionals, there are many more who either don’t need or can’t afford a full-time marketing consultant. For the work that they do need completed, though, these companies are often willing to pay a good deal of money to freelance marketing consultants in order to complete short-term marketing projects such as developing an advertising campaign. On average, freelance marketing consultants earn about $19 an hour.

10) Cybersecurity Specialist
The threat of cyber-crime is rapidly growing. While attacks such as ransomware attacks used to only be a concern for large corporations, even small to medium sized organizations are now finding themselves the target of these devastating attacks. This means that these companies are becoming increasingly willing to pay a lot of money for freelance cybersecurity specialists to come in and bolster their network’s security. With the demand for cybersecurity specialists currently outweighing the supply, it is possible to make a great career working as a freelancer in this field. On average, freelance cybersecurity specialists earn about $50 per hour.
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